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Blocked drain that won't flow? System backing up? Call our team of experts we'll get it fixed fast.

When you have a clogged drain, you might not know the best ways to get rid of it. Clogged drains can be caused by a number of different factors. Everything from tree roots to buildup from food can make the water in your drains run slowly. When you contact All N' One Plumbing, we'll help you get your plumbing back into working condition.

We provide superior service in everything that we do, including drain cleaning Northridge, CA, and surrounding areas. In fact, we even have five-star ratings on Yelp, Home Advisors, and Angie's List. We'll also offer free estimates so that you can know what you'll pay before we start the work. And if we don't resolve the issue, the service is free. We guarantee our work, and we want you to be as informed as possible about your pipes, so here are a few more things that you'll like to know about clogged pipes.

How Drains Get Clogged

There are everyday activities that can clog drains quickly or over the course of several months. If you didn't already know, animal fat is one of the worst things that you can put down your drains. Once it's in there, it will harden, blocking water flow in the process. Some people think that you can run the hot water for a minute or two after pouring the animal grease from your ground beef down the drain, but's it's not effective, and you'll end up with a clog.

Another reason that clogs happen is due to toys or other things being flushed down a toilet. This can sometimes happen when small children get curious about the toilet, but it's also possible for adults to drop something down a drain that will cause a clog.

Some clogs are caused by the age of the pipes. If you've always wanted to know what the interior of your pipes looked like, you might find out if you have a clog because of corrosion or mineral deposits. Corrosion is a common part of the aging process with some types of pipe materials. Mineral deposits are common in homes that have hard water.

One of the final reasons that you need drain cleaning in Northridge, CA, is because you have a clog from tree roots in your main sewer line. Tree roots are attracted to the water that can leak from a small crack, and they'll grow into the pipe to get a consistent supply of water.

Drain Cleaning from All N’ One Plumbing

When you need a drain cleaning company, look to All N' One Plumbing. We offer drain cleaning in Northridge, CA, and we can get your system back on track with hydro jetting. This process can clean out a lot of buildups, restoring the water flow in your pipes. Drain snaking might be another option, too. We also provide other services, including:

 • Sewer Repair
 • Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining 

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