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Blocked drain that won't flow? System backing up? Call our team of experts we'll get it fixed fast.

If you're not having your drains cleaned properly and regularly, then you need a plumber in Thousand Oaks, CA, right away. It's difficult to tell if your pipes are slowly starting to become clogged until the clog has fully formed. That's why you need to reach out to All N’ One Plumbing right away.

We always remind our clients that it's a good idea to just have a reputable drain cleaning company come and clean your drains regularly. Here's what else you need to know about our drain cleaning services in Thousand Oaks, CA.

How Drains Get Clogged

If you don't have a hair trap installed in your shower or tub, then hair might be the biggest reason behind a clogged drain. Humans shed a lot of hair throughout the day. A good bulk of it is shed during a shower or bath. Hair is wrenched free from the skin and washed down the drain. Yet, it's possible that the hair can start to stick to the walls of the pipes instead. Soap residue can help it create a thick paste that makes water movement impossible.

Hair isn't the only culprit either. It's also possible that a tree root might have grown inside of the pipe and blocked it off. Without drain snaking, it may be impossible for a typical homeowner to tell where the clog is located.

Toothpaste can also cause a clog. The thick paste should actually be spat out in the trash rather than down the sink. Like soap, toothpaste can start to stick against the walls of the pipe. Enough toothpaste that isn't washed away can form a clog. Dishwashers can also become clogged due to large chunks of food. You should wash them away over the disposal.

One final common cause for a clogged drain is when items are flushed down the toilet that shouldn't be. Sanitary napkins, diapers, and other thick materials should never be flushed down. They don't degrade as easily as waste and toilet paper. As a result, they can easily become caught inside of the pipe. Enough of a build-up can make it impossible for waste to pass through the pipe and into the sewer. Too much pressure on the pipe could cause it to burst.

Drain Cleaning from All N’One Plumbing

When you need drain cleaning in Thousand Oaks, CA, you need to call All N'One Plumbing. We recommend asking us about our environmentally friendly, minimally disruptive, hydro jetting. This is a popular drain cleaning solution that involves safely sending clean, pressurized water into your clogged drains and dirty pipes. The water can take away any buildup. We will flush the severe clog out of your pipeline. Our drain cleaning services can be done in a short amount of time and can successfully restore the flow capacity and utility of your drains and pipes.

We provide the following services along with our expert drain cleaning services.

 Plumbing - Whether it's just a general plumbing problem or something that requires an emergency call, we can help.

 Sewer Repair - We also provide sewer repair and replacement services in the event that your sewer and sewer line are no longer functional.

 • Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining  - Our five-star rated business on Angie's List, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp can also offer trenchless sewer pipe lining. This can be a more affordable option for homeowners who face sewer problems.

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