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Sewer Inspection Services

We work with you to find the source of your pipe problem using state-of-the-art equipment

plumber sewer inspection

Sewer Inspection Services

Our sewer camera inspection services eliminate guesswork and cut down the repair times of your pipes in order to save you money. With our technologically advanced visual inspection system, we’re able to gather the detailed information needed to pinpoint your sewer line problems and fix them quickly.

In the past, technicians had to diagnose sewer problems based just on observation of the behavior of the drains. It wasn’t uncommon to spend a lot of time and money replacing a pipe only to find that the problem was somewhere else, resulting in additional hassle and expense for the customer. Our sewer camera inspection eliminates costly misdiagnoses by allowing us to perform a virtual walkthrough of the pipe, carefully checking for signs of damage, clogs, and buildup that are causing your sewers to not function correctly.

Sewer Mapping

We can also use sewer camera inspection to map your entire sewer system, noting pipe locations, connections, and joints. If you’re preparing for major renovation or landscaping, a low-cost camera inspection could save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs if an essential sewer line is accidentally struck and punctured during the remodeling process. The camera will fit into pipes as narrow as an inch and a half, so we can provide a detailed blueprint of your sewer system.

To complete your sewer camera inspection, we insert a specialized waterproof camera into your pipelines through openings in the pipes that are built-in for clearing blockages. The camera is joined to fiber optic cable that feeds video instantly to a viewscreen and recorder where our technician can review it. The technician will spend time maneuvering the camera through the pipes to inspect every nook and cranny, forming a complete picture of the issues your pipelines have developed. We’ll check for flood and saltwater corrosion damage, locate areas restricted by debris or mineral buildup, and determine the severity of tree root penetration at joints. The technician will note all the areas that need attention, then go over the footage with you, explaining the source of the problems and describing the correction options available.

Sewer camera inspection is also an essential part of our trenchless sewer restoration and drain cleaning solutions. Before beginning any major procedure, we take the time to thoroughly inspect the interior of your pipe to prepare for service. This allows us to more effectively apply the repair, so we can avoid unnecessary cost and complete the service more quickly. It’s particularly helpful when restoring sewer damage in complicated apartment or commercial sewer systems.

Another important use for sewer camera inspection is pre-purchase sewer evaluation. A major sewer problem can cost thousands to repair, so scheduling an inexpensive sewer camera examination as part of the home-purchase inspection process is a good practice. Our technician will alert you to any potential issues, so you can be sure you know exactly what you’re getting before you sign the contract.

We value every customer and want you to have the information you need to make informed decisions about your sewer repairs. Call today to schedule your sewer camera inspection and we’ll put our technology to work for you!

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