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Whether its a root intrusion, broken pipe, or misaligned joint we can find and fix your sewer problem.

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If your Woodland Hills, Simi Valley, or Granada Hills, CA sewer lines are damaged, All N’ One Plumbing offers a wide selection of effective sewer repair and replacement solutions in Woodland Hills, CA and surrounding areas. For residential and commercial customers, we can provide a wide range of quality and effective plumbing services including sewer camera inspections, drain cleaning, drain repair and replacement and more that bring working order back to Southern California sewer systems.

Versatile, Professional Sewer Inspection and Drain Cleaning

Sewer line issues show themselves in many ways. If you’re experiencing foul odors, strange bubbling and gurgling sounds, wastewater backups, or other signs of aging or damaged sewer pipes, All N’ One Plumbing can quickly visit your property to begin an inspection. Our inspections are convenient, affordable, and fast. We don’t have to dig up large portions of your property to try and guess where sewer problems might be. Instead, our knowledgeable technicians can dig a few small entry holes and send a high-resolution sewer camera into your pipes. While our technicians strategically operate the camera from the ground, it can navigate your underground pipes and send us recordings of your pipeline interior. We can easily see where tree roots, clogs, corrosion, and other damage are located in your pipes and use that information to move forward with the next steps.

If the repair seems like a feasible option, we can prepare your sewer pipes with our hydro jetting services. We can clean away the debris and buildup within your pipes using highly pressurized water. The hydro jetting hose can snake through your pipes and send clean water out in all directions to flush away the debris and restore the flow capacity of your sewer system. With the pipe completely cleaned out, our talented sewer specialists can customize a repair solution.

The Process of Trenchless Sewer Pipe LiningEco Friendly, Innovative Trenchless Sewer Repair

We offer several trenchless sewer repair solutions, including:

• Perma-Lining
 • Lateral Lining
 • Municipal Line Connecting

The solution we select will depend on several factors, including your budget, your preference, and the complexity of your sewer line damage. Whichever trenchless sewer repair option we utilize, you’ll get reliable results and improved sewer line functioning. None of our trenchless solutions require excavation, so you’ll have rehabilitated sewer lines without extra mess or property destruction.

Efficient, Affordable Trenchless Sewer Replacement

All N’ One Plumbing also depends on non-invasive, efficient, affordable trenchless solutions for sewer replacement. If our camera inspection determines that your sewer lines are excessively deteriorated and a full replacement would be your most effective solution, we can use trenchless pipe bursting to clear away your old pipe and lay a new one. The entire pipe bursting process is straightforward. Instead of digging up your old sewer pipe, our state-of-the-art equipment can break it up and send the pieces into the soil. Then, we can follow the bursting equipment and lay a new, durable pipe under the ground.

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Providing quick, reliable sewer repair and replacement services that don’t break the bank and don’t destroy your Woodland Hills property is what All N’ One Plumbing is known for. Contact us for sewer repair services, which we offer in the areas we serve, such as:

 • Woodland Hills, CA
 • Granada Hills, CA
 • Northridge, CA
 • Thousand Oaks, CA

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