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How to Avoid Common Sewer Line Problems

It’s comforting to know All N’ One Plumbing offers top-quality sewer repair services in Woodland Hills, CA, should your sewer lines need attention. However, we think it’s just as important to be proactive about preventing sewer-related issues and reducing your need for sewer line repair or a serious emergency situation. Here’s what you can do.

Use Enzyme Cleaners in Your Drains

A simple step you can take to avoid common sewer line problems is to use drain cleaners at least once a month. Avoid chemical-based products and use ones with enzymes that break down debris naturally.

Keep Trees Away from Sewer Lines

A common sewer line problem is invasive tree roots. If you are planning to plant new trees on your property, know for sure where your sewer lines are located first. If you have existing trees that could be affecting your sewer lines, check with a local landscaper about safe removal.

Be Smart About What You Flush

Sanitary napkins, paper towels, and hygiene products are examples of things that should not be flushed down your drains. Toilet paper is the only thing that’s specially designed to break up when it’s flushed.

Schedule Regular Drain Maintenance

It’s entirely possible to have issues with your sewer lines and not be aware of it. A cost-effective way to stay in-the-know when it comes to your sewer lines is to schedule an annual inspection along with an annual rooter cleaning to reduce your risk of having a serious clog to deal with.

Contact Us for Sewer Repair Services in Woodland Hills, CA

Even if you are diligent about avoiding common sewer issues, you may need to make a decision at some point about whether to repair or entirely replace sewer lines. Our sewer pipe line repair pros are here to help you make this call.

Contact All N’ One Plumbing today to learn more about our sewer line replacement, repair, and maintenance services.

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