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Homeowners should look for a reliable plumber in Granada Hills, CA, whom they can trust in dealing with sewer damage. At All N' One Plumbing, we've been in the business for years, and we want you to know about why you should make us your trusted plumbing company. We have five-star reviews on Yelp, Angie's List, and Home Advisors, so we've worked hard to gain the trust of the customers that we've served. We also give free estimates because we never want you to be surprised about your bills, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Main Causes of Sewer Issues

Sewer problems are a pain, and there are several red flags that you should be aware of. You should also know that there are a few main reasons that people need sewer pipe line repairs. One of the biggest signs that you should be aware of is the presence of a bad smell, like rotten eggs, coming from your drains and toilet. When there's a clog in your main sewer line, gases can't escape through the sewer line, so they escape into your home. Not only is the smell unpleasant, but sewer gases are also toxic and flammable, so you need to get this taken care of immediately.

If you notice sewer water in your basement, this is another sign that you need sewer line repair or sewer line replacement. Like sewer gases, when your main sewer line is broken or has a clog, the sewer water can't escape to the city sewer system, so it backs up into your home, instead.

You might also notice that there are some problems with the way that water is draining in your home. If you've begun to notice that water from the dishwasher drains into the bathtub or overflows a floor drain in the utility room before slowly draining out over the course of 20 minutes, then you likely have problems with your sewer system.

There are many reasons that you might need sewer repair services in Granada Hills, CA, and nearby areas. Tree roots in the line are one of the most common reasons for a clog. Another common reason is corrosion if the pipe is made of metal. Finally, it's possible for clay and concrete pipes to crack if the soil expands, contracts, or shifts too quickly.

Sewer Repair from All N’ One Plumbing

At All N' One Plumbing, we provide you with several sewer repair services in Granada Hills, CA. First, we can send a camera into your pipes to find out what kind of damage you have. We also use hydro jetting to spray out clogs with pressurized water. If we need to replace the sewer line, we also have a trenchless option in which we burst your old one and put a new one in without even messing up your front yard.

Why You Should Rely on Our Sewer Services

At All N' One Plumbing, not only do we provide sewer repair services, but we also provide many other services, including:

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 • Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

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