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When you know you've got a leak and find the source cal our qualified professionals. We'll find the leak, fast.

Plumber leak detection

A small leak can turn into a major disaster if it isn’t repaired in time. If you have a leak in your plumbing or sewer system that you are unaware of, it could result in costly damage to your home’s structure. Even the smallest leak could end up causing the growth of mold spores, which can be extremely expensive to eliminate once it begins to grow.

The leak detection services in Woodland Hills, CA, and surrounding areas offered by All N' One Plumbing can help you avoid problems. A small leak can turn into a major disaster if it isn’t repaired in time.

Types of Leak Detection

At All N' One Plumbing, we offer a solution to those unexpected leaks that can cause chaos in your home, and our technicians use the latest leak detection equipment to find the exact cause of the leak. Once we find the problem, we will repair the leak using our modernized equipment and techniques to eliminate the leaks. Our solutions, such as trenchless pipe lining, minimize the need for digging and allow us to accurately repair your pipes.

There are several methods that we rely on to detect leaks, and our technicians are trained to identify suitable situations to employ these detection techniques. Our eco-friendly, practical detection services include:

 • Infrared leak detection
 • Ultrasonic leak detection
 • Video inspection
 • Smoke detection

Not only are these services practical to use in any setting, but we can also evaluate water pipes, sewer lines, sprinkler systems, water mains, and gas lines for potential leaks with all of these techniques, ensuring that we are always prepared.

Choose All N' One Plumbing

At All N' One Plumbing, our trusted plumbers in Woodland Hills, CA, and surrounding areas will always arrive at your home on time and explain the methods they’ll use to locate your leak. They will wear protective accessories such as foot covers to ensure that your home stays neat and clean while they work on your system. We strive to ensure that our work doesn’t destroy your property or extensively disrupt your schedule. In most cases, we can resolve a leaky pipe using our no-dig, trenchless pipe services. Once we diagnose the problem, we will go over the repair options with you so that you can decide which route you want to take. Our team will also discuss payment options and our terms with you during this time.

Get in Touch with Us Today!

If you would like to learn more about our leak detection services offered to our customers, give us a call today for more information. You can also contact us by filling out the simple form on our website to request a service appointment or more details. We will have a representative get back with you as quickly as possible. We offer leak detection in these locations and the surrounding areas:

 • Woodland Hills, CA
 • Granada Hills, CA
 • Northridge, CA
 • Thousand Oaks, CA

Let All N' One Plumbing help you save time and money on expensive leak repairs, and get in touch with your local leak detection experts today.

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