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When you've got a leak or break in your gas line don't just dig up the ground to replace it. Call us first, we can fix it, without the trenches.

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How Does Gas Pipe Lining Work?

Prior to any service being performed on a gas line by our highly-trained system engineers, a sewer camera inspection is conducted in the affected pipe to pinpoint the location of the problem and assess the pipe’s damage. This delivers high-definition images of your gas line and will be shared with you, the home or business owner before any additional actions are taken. This way, the mystery of the problem in your gas lines is removed and you can be sure we’re providing the service you need. This camera inspection, as well as all other procedures, requires only a small access point to reach and service your gas pipe, in contrast to traditional methods that need to create a large hole or trench to reach pipe sections.

If the gas pipe is cracked, degraded, or simply very old, our experts will suggest a pipe lining. The lining, which is already fully constituted and resembles a flattened fireman’s hose, is connected to the end of your pipe. Pressure forces the lining into the pipe and simultaneously turns it right-side-out, allowing the liner to adhere to the inside of the pipe and cured in place.

Made of a durable epoxy resin, your new liner has a lifespan of up to fifty years, more than ten years longer than any other pipe material! Additionally, the liner can be cut to fit exclusive problem areas only, as well as within pipes that are straight, curved, or even at 90-degree angles. In Los Angeles or other areas that might suffer from tree roots invading the pipes, trenchless linings are again beneficial, as their seamless construction doesn’t allow roots to get a grip or take hold.

Benefits of Gas Pipe Lining

Any trenchless procedure from All N' One Plumbing is performed using the most cutting-edge technology available on the market today. While each service is different, they have certain traits in common: fast completion times, less mess, greater accuracy and precision, and with practices that are better for the environment.

Since each procedure needs only a small hole to be conducted, you avoid the mess and inconvenience of having a large trench created in your yard or into the foundation of your home. This also means saving money on landscaping or the laying of new concrete.


With traditional methods, whole sections of pipe must be removed and sent to a landfill. With gas pipe linings, the existing pipe stays in place, and the new liner’s long lifespan means using less materials over time. We offer gas line repair and other plumbing services in these locations and nearby areas:

 • Woodland Hills, CA
 • Granada Hills, CA
 • Northridge, CA
 • Thousand Oaks, CA

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