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The Main Steps in a Mainline Camera Inspection, and Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional

If you’re concerned about the plumbing of your home and think you may need a repair or cleaning, look no further than AllNOne Plumbing! Our team of highly trained professionals are primed and ready to meet your needs. One of the most commonly used tools in our artillery is the sewer camera inspection, enabling us to complete your job quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of mess. Read on to see what makes them so great!

What Is A Sewer Camera Inspection And How Does It Work?

A sewer camera inspection is first and foremost a powerful diagnostic tool for your AllNOne Plumbing plumbing system engineer. It acts as the “eyes” of the engineer or technician and allows them to assess the condition of your pipes, the location and nature of your plumbing damage, and how to effectively solve your problem in a timely manner.

Below is a breakdown of the steps involved in a camera inspection:

  1. AllNOne Plumbing professionals will dig a small hole to access your affected sewer pipe. As with all our services, a sewer camera inspection utilizes cutting-edge trenchless technology; traditional methods require the digging of a long trench to perform the same services.
  2. A small, high-definition camera is threaded into your pipe by a technician. After acquiring the necessary imagery, the AllNOne Plumbing team will consult with you, our customer, concerning your pipe’s problem and the best way to solve it.
  3. Service is provided to repair the pipe. Based upon the results of the camera inspection, you may be in need of a hydro jetting service, sewer pipe lining, or in serious cases, an entire system replacement. Whether for routine maintenance or major repairs, AllNOne Plumbing professionals are trained to handle it, particularly when armed with tools like the camera inspection.

Don’t Try This At Home

While it’s tempting to simply buy a few bottles of liquid commercial cleaner into your drains each time they become a little slow, this is not recommended for a number of reasons. Liquid cleaners ostensibly work by breaking down a clog enough for it to be flushed away. In reality, even if the clog is shifted, it will likely only move it further down your pipe and become stuck there. Additionally, they are ineffective for most types of clogs, pose serious health risks (especially to children and pets), and are highly detrimental to the environment.

Ordering a sewer camera inspection and a professional drain servicing will ultimately save you future headaches, and will solve your stubborn plumbing problem in a long-lasting way.

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