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We can fix your pipes from the inside out, without the headache of excavation.

Although packaging wipes and other products are often labeled as being flushable items, these products are not always biodegradable and can become trapped in the pipelines. The effects of these products becoming trapped inside the pipelines can typically increase the rate of corrosion and create other problems. Traditionally, repairing pipelines involved digging the sewer line section out of the ground by digging a trench to expose the pipeline. Fortunately, at All N’ One, we are proud to offer an alternative solution to repairing pipes with our state-of-the-art trenchless sewer pipe lining services.

When you call our team for assistance, our expert will first take the time to perform a sewer camera inspection of the sewer lines. Our team will dig a single hole in the location where the sewer line joins the municipal system. There will not be a need to dig a complete trench to pull out a pipe, as we incorporate trenchless technology into all of our work. If there are signs of clogs choking the flow of water as a result of debris becoming trapped inside of the pipeline, we will have the equipment and repair processes needed to fix the problem accordingly. Depending on the extent of the damage discovered inside of the sewer lines, we can either flush the system of debris with our hydro jetting equipment to remove clogs or repair any cracks or leaks with the epoxy resin we deploy in our trenchless sewer pipe lining services.

If the pipeline needs to be lined with our epoxy resin solution, we will clean the sewer line of any waste and debris along the walls with our hydro jetting equipment. A solution that is normally effective for simply flushing away clogs for drain cleaning services, our hydro jetting services are capable of completely cleaning the inside of the pipes as well. With this excellent drain cleaning service available for our customers, we can renew the default, smooth diameter of the pipeline in preparation for the installation of the epoxy resin. Once we can access the problem, we will insert a new lining which is made of a sleeve-like epoxy-covered material. We will insert hot water or steam into the pipes to treat the epoxy and increase the curing rate, creating a new pipe inside of the old one. Once it is cured, the result is a brand new pipe within a pipe, a seamless, smooth liner that will last for years, making it a less costly option when compared to the dig-and-replace, equipment heavy methods of repairs.

For trenchless sewer pipe lining in Canoga Park, CA, contact us today at All N’ One Plumbing. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email, and we will be happy to assist you with solutions based on trenchless technology and customer convenience. You will be satisfied with the quality of the results we produce, and with our liners having a lifespan of several decades, you can rest easy knowing that your system will continue to function smoothly.

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